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Cancer Genetics Screening - CGX

Do you have a family history of cancer? If so, you could qualify for a free test. Call us today!

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Medication Metabolism - PGX

If your taking certain medications or have experienced insufficient relief or side effects, insurance may cover the cost of your test. Call today to find out!  

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Preventative Health Rx

We've done the research to discover the very best Preventative Health Solutions Services!

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Welcome to FixUrRx ​Health Solutions

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About Us

FixUrRx is a privately owned Colorado based company offering state of the art genetic testing  that can identify which prescription drugs are likely to give you side effects and which ones you can metabolize normally along with testing to determine if your at high risk for almost any type of cancer.  We offer PGx (medication metabalism) and CGx testing (Cancer Screening) with our partner laboratory Phi Life Sciences, Inc.

Our goal is to not only save as many lives as possible, but improve the lives of all of our clients through various forms of preventative health measures.